HEALTHY RECIPES for People with Diabetes

If you have Diabetes, pre-diabetes or glucose intolerance it is important that you know more about this disease that today attacks millions of people around the world. I assure you that with the information prepared by the team of you will be able to establish habits that will significantly improve your diet and control your diabetes.

So today I invite you to visit my blog where you will find a healthy eating plan, recipes and tips on the best program for people with Diabetes. Look at it as a guide with which you can manage a weekly meal plan.

Diabetic diet

A healthy diet helps to maintain the sugar levels in the right level, this is of vital importance because controlling the “glycemia” we will avoid future complications caused by diabetes. For that reason today we bring you a menu of recipes for diabetics completely free and easy to make.

It is advisable to eat foods high in protein (foods of animal origin), carbohydrates, i.e. cereals and grains and finally healthy fats, edible oils, fruits, seeds, creams and more.

What foods should a person with diabetes eat?

The right meal plan helps to better control your blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as maintain the appropriate weight for you.

People with diabetes should pay attention to make sure there is a balance between their food, insulin and oral medications. So here is the list of foods a diabetic can eat:

  • VEGETABLES: You can eat vegetables in adjustable amounts, prioritize above all, broccoli, tomato, carrot, peppers and green leaves.
  • GRAINS: During the day be sure to eat at least 30 to 40% of whole grain foods. Prioritize quinoa, barley, rice, oats and corn.
  • PROTEINS: Skinless chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, peanuts, tofu, peas, chickpeas and lean meats will give you a good balance in your diet.
  • FRUIT: Prioritize apples, bananas, melon, strawberries and oranges, this will provide a good amount of vitamins.
  • Dairy products: Preferably consume lactose-free milk, cheese and of course yogurt in smaller quantities.

What foods should not be consumed by a person suffering from Diabetes?

Is there really any forbidden food for diabetics and type 2 diabetics? The truth is that there is no such thing, but it is important to emphasize certain foods that you should avoid consuming or at least consume less of them so as not to put your health at risk:

  • Avoid at all costs to consume foods rich in saturated fats, do not expose your health.
  • Try not to consume ice cream, sweets and products that have high levels of sugar.
  • For the same reason, drinks, i.e. sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks and excessive juices can be harmful.

In we have prepared a video on cooking recipes for diabetics, we cordially invite you to watch it, it will surely be very helpful.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that appears when blood glucose is too high, so glucose is bad? and it really is not because it is responsible for providing energy from the food we eat every day, well this in turn is regulated by insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, so what happens when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin? It happens that the level of glucose or sugar in the blood is very high causing very severe health problems.

What you should keep in mind is that a good nutrition plan should fit your schedule and eating habits. Some of the resources for meal planning are, for example, the Plate Method, which consists of counting carbohydrates and the glycemic index in all people who want to improve their diet.

What are the causes of Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is caused by 2 main reasons called “modifiable” and “non-modifiable”. The first one, i.e. the modifiable cause refers to food, lifestyle, exercise, sedentary lifestyle and others. Things that we can modify with a little education and discipline.

While the non-modifiable causes are the inheritance usually left by grandparents, parents and siblings. Also, according to a study, the Latino race tends to be more prone to diabetes after the age of 40.

However, although it is not possible to guarantee that you will not get this disease. Good nutrition and exercise can reduce the chances of getting this disease.

How many types of diabetes are there?

It is a disease with many variants and there are 3 types that stand out for being the ones that most attack people and these are:

  • Type 1 Diabetes: When the pancreas stops producing enough insulin to regulate glucose, and then the beta cells are attacked.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Caused by the aforementioned, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • Gestational diabetes: It is diagnosed during pregnancy, more specifically between the 24th and 28th week, caused by poor nutrition prior to pregnancy. It is only temporary and ends when the mother gives birth. But if the corresponding care is not taken, it could become irreversible.

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