3 Natural Juices That Will Help You Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Some preparations are ideal for detoxifying the body, controlling weight and lowering blood sugar levels.

Smoothies are undoubtedly a good alternative for detoxification. Since ancient times, they have been used to cleanse the body of toxins and substances that are unhealthy for our body.

Currently, a study by Macquarie University detailed that there are three types of detox to eliminate toxins, lose weight and reduce blood sugar levels.

These types of smoothies are highly recommended for people with high blood pressure or patients with diabetes, because of the type of fruit and vegetables that are handled.

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1. Spinach with celery and carrots.

Spinach can be used in almost all diets, because it has properties such as iron, magnesium and potassium, which reduce sugar or sodium levels. Celery is a diuretic vegetable and helps to eliminate what our body does not need. As for carrots, this food is rich in potassium, which helps us to avoid hypertension problems. That is why it is advisable to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

2.Tomato juice with celery

Celery and tomato are the perfect combination to balance blood sugar levels. Tomato is rich in potassium and celery contains high amounts of water, which is why it eliminates sugar and regulates insulin levels in people with diabetes.

3. Cucumber with lemon and mint.

This is a perfect combination if you want to reduce blood sugar levels because cucumber contains vitamin A and C, antioxidants. Lemon contains vitamin C in large quantities, it is an excellent fruit to detoxify the body. Peppermint, besides giving a touch of flavor, is an excellent option to regulate the digestive system and the functioning of the stomach.

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It is very important to follow a diet reduced in sugar; for best results we recommend that a professional indicate which is best for you.

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