11 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Type 2 Diabetics

Try these blood sugar lowering breakfasts that help you stay healthy, and give you time to leave home early.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gives us the energy to start the day.

If you have type 2 diabetes you should eat breakfast, it can have many benefits. Eating foods that have a low glycemic index helps prevent blood sugar spikes throughout the morning. You can eat peanut butter with almond butter, this will make you feel full without spiking your blood sugar.

A good breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism and keep you energized all day long.

Here are 11 delicious and easy breakfast ideas for type 2 diabetics:

1. Two scrambled eggs, with a slice of skim cheese.

To drink a tea without sugar, with sweetener. It can be accompanied by an apple or a fresh orange, to taste (you should opt for one of the two).

2. A scrambled egg with a slice of turkey.

To drink a cup of coffee to which we can add a little skimmed milk. Of course the coffee is without sugar but a permitted sweetener can be used. We can add a fruit to taste.

3. A scrambled egg whites with spinach, with a slice of skim cheese.

To drink a tea without sugar. This breakfast provides proteins, fibers and a reasonable amount of carbohydrates, but as the fibers are enough, there is no problem. We will note that we will always suggest whole wheat bread for this reason, to ensure a good supply of fiber.

4. Egg, milk and cheese.

Mix an egg with a little milk, beat well and take it to the microwave. Leave it for half a minute, and add a little skimmed cheese. Once it has melted (half a minute more) remove it. Serve with a piece of fruit and a cup of tea or coffee.

5. Egg, cheese, spinach and tomato.

We make a preparation similar to the previous one, but instead of adding cheese we add a little spinach in addition to the cheese. A toast of whole wheat bread with olive oil and tomato cut into thin slices. Serve with an orange, tea or coffee.

6. Whole oatmeal oatmeal with skim milk.

In a cup we mix whole oatmeal oatmeal (without additives of any kind) with skim milk. We can change the skimmed milk for water if we do not like milk, since it is also useful for the oatmeal. On top of this mixture, half a cup of strawberries. We can accompany with a slice of whole wheat bread with skimmed cheese. We drink tea or coffee without sugar.

7. Non-fat yogurt and fruit.

A cup of skimmed yogurt with a half cup of allowed fruits cut small. When we buy yogurt it is important to remember to always opt for natural yogurt, not flavored and without added sugar. Greek yogurt is highly recommended. We accompany with a toast of whole wheat bread with turkey. To drink a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

8. Continuing with nonfat yogurt, a very energetic breakfast.

Let’s mix in a bowl some yogurt, some chopped fruit and a few nuts. We accompany with a toast of wholemeal bread with skimmed cheese, coffee or tea.

9. Whole grain oatmeal, apple and cinnamon.

Mix half a cup of water with half a cup of whole oatmeal oatmeal without additives. We take half a minute to the microwave. Add an apple cut into small pieces and flavor with cinnamon. I especially recommend this preparation for its simplicity and deliciousness. Serve with whole wheat toast with a slice of turkey. To drink tea or coffee.

10. If we can not have breakfast at home we have several options.

We will drink a cup of coffee with skim milk and accompany it with a fruit and a portion of nuts. If we have the option of a natural nonfat yogurt, the ideal is to cut the fruit and prepare them together.

11. If as in the previous case we cannot have breakfast at home, nowadays oatmeal is an option in many places.

We are going to mix a portion of oatmeal with some fruit and some nuts. As we will see in both cases a fruit always gets us out of the trouble of having breakfast away from home, as well as nuts, which are easy to carry and we should always have at our disposal.

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